Freemind as an ASP application?

  • Anonymous - 2004-07-23


    I love mind mapping software. However, I'm looking for a *personal* (not commercial, I have no intention on monetizing on this free software) solution that allows me to use mindmaps (create, save, edit, delete) over the web. Not all the places I travel to have internet cafs that allow software to be installed, and I'd love to have the possibility to use this kind of software installed on my own webserver. Is this possible with freemind?

    -- Frank

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Frank

      you've made a mistake in asking freemind as an ASP application, it might be for that reason that vou've received no replies. Freemind is developed in Java, a strong enemy of ASP and other Microsoft Technologies.

      i'm looking for somewhat the same functionality of editing freemind files, i will try in embedding the editor on a browser as an applet like the freemind borser does, so, i will be able to edit my mm files from within a browser. The only thing to consider is to wait until the developers find a way to read and write the .mm code onto a DB, and we'll have a totally multi-platform-web-enabled mind mapping software.

      Leonardo from Venezuela.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Topic Tree is a program that allows tree editing via browser, but it the author says it has security problems and other limitations.

      Linker is a link list program that has a folding tree as an alternative view, and it's free with attribution. It is very well-developed from what I can see, offering much more than an outline.

      - Bob Yourell (in the middle of registering, so this was an anon post)


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