Synchronising maps

  • Kavallier

    Kavallier - 2010-04-19

    I've exported a Node K, creating Map 2 with Node K and its child nodes L,M,N etc. while Map 1 comprises Nodes A -J with siblings and child nodes, and node K with child nodes created up to the date of export.

    Is there a way I can synchronise both maps (Map1 comprising Node K with its previous nodes and their siblings + Map 2 comprising Node K with further additions to existing child nodes and siblings) so that an edit or addition to child nodes or further siblings on K in Map 2, will be reflected in Map 1?

    As matters lie I have to amend both maps independently, which is becoming torturous.

  • AnGus King

    AnGus King - 2010-04-19

    I'm pretty certain Import Linked Branch or (Linked Branch) Without Root… will give you what you want. That is, change Map 2 (save it of course) and then import it back into Map 1

    Kind regards



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