New to Freemind - Can't save file

  • Fred Lampart

    Fred Lampart - 2014-03-27

    I just created a Freemind file but am unable to save it.
    I read something about changing the Freeman.bat file to include a full path to the JAVA file (to fix this problem) but when I look at the .bat file, a path name is not obvious to me.

    I'm using a Windows 7 and have just downloaded, installed and successfully opened the Freemind v1.0.0 file

  • Christian Foltin

    What happens, when you save a file?
    You don't have to change the .bat file.
    Br, Chris

  • Fred Lampart

    Fred Lampart - 2014-03-29


    Not sure what I did wrong before but when I tried to save a Freemind file today, it saved successfully. I apologize for not getting back to you earlier ...

    Thanks for offering your help.

    Fred L.


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