I love Freemind and rely on it as my todo system.

with version 1.0.0, I did notice a new bug.

Sometimes when I've hit ctrl-F to search for a term, and then I'm hitting ctrl-g to loop through them all, Freemind rather than highlighting the next one will only expand the next one and not highlight it, and once it is in this state, it won't close or let me navigate the mindmap anymore. I have to kill it.

This is intermittent, and may be difficult to reproduce. However, if you create a 1000 node mindmap with a common word (like for me it's about 100 items that start with @next - I'm finding next actions)

Hit ctrl-f to search, type in @next, hit enter, and then start hitting ctrl-g to loop through them all.
intermittently, Freemind will go into the bad state described above.

Not complaining. Love Freemind. Keep up the good work, and I have downloaded the source, so maybe I'll take a crack at it.