Executables and parameters

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi all:

    I have just started looking at FreeMind (windows varsion). Impressive.

    I want run an executable and pass it a parameter. I have used SetLink (filechooser) to create the node. Bu tI want to add a run parameter. I edited the entry and added the param.
    Clicking on the node correctly starts the application but it doesn't pass the parameter.

    I have used the name and parameter in a command prompt and it works.  I am doing "skype /callto:echo123"

    Is there anything I should do to pass this info?


    • Tim Anderson

      Tim Anderson - 2005-03-18

      Not sure, but you could write a one line batch that contains the full command+params and then run that batch from freemind instead.  Not a nice solution, I know.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes I thought of that as well. It does get a little out of hand after a few numbers. I had hoped that it may be because of the "/" needing to be escaped. But adding multiple "//"s didn't help. It definately looks like parameters aren't being processed.

      If thats the case, will this ability be added in the future? It seems like a natural addition to this excellent idea.

  • pascal

    pascal - 2011-06-09

    I have the same problem with version 0.9.0 - I don't know how to pass a parameter to a command indicated with ctrl-k in a node ! (I'd prefer not use /bat files  because too many files to create which doubles the work to do)


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