FreeMind and Dual Monitors

  • CHJ

    CHJ - 2007-11-09

    Hi everybody.

    I have a strange issue to ask about....

    Whenever I start FreeMind (Version 0.9.0 beta 14) while I'm operating dual monitors I get the Blue Screen of Death (running Windows XP Pro).  This happens consistantly and invariably THE FIRST TIME during my work day.  After restarting my computer (still with dual monitors) starting FreeMind works fine.

    Everyday I have to go through the process of starting FreeMind once to get the Blue Screen of Death, restarting the computer, and then everything works fine.  This doesn't happen if I don't have the second monitor plugged in.

    Does anybody else experience problems with dual monitors?



    • babouyukas

      babouyukas - 2007-11-12

      Hi. i use dual monitor under win XP as well.

      i have no problems with this. i use freemind on the second monitor at full screen, and i work on the firtst monitor. this works fine, like any other programm.

      maybe it's your configuration of the pc?

      have a while

  • Ward Christensen

    I don't know whether to start a new thread or reply here, so I'll start here.

    I have Windows 7 64 bit, with dual monitors.

    FreeMind (0.8.0 - sorry, but so customized I didn't want to learn how to clear the screen of clutter in later versions) works great, but if I move the application to the 2nd monitor, it freezes just freemind.

    I don't know how to debug if it is freemind, or more likely the display driver, or Java, or Windows, or what I ate for breakfast.

    Any assistance would be appreciated!

  • Christian Foltin


    try another java application like jEdit to see if its the same, please.

    HTH, Chris


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