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    I have the following question: I made a 'collection' of mindmaps using a previous version of freemind (0.6.x or something like that). Downloaded version 0.7.1, both 'windows executable' and web-applet.

    When viewing my mindmap from the web, there are files it cannot find; this is through the 'space <> %20' problem. On my windows machine there is of course no such problem;-), which is why I hadn't discovered this earlier...

    Is there a 'smart' way to make the webversion working? The webserver is linux, if that matters, but not under my control;-)
    [I know, I could go through all the files, using a simple text editor such as Notepad and manually change all the spaces to %20... But this is much work (trust me)].

    Any respons welcome, a copy to my yahoo email account would be appeciated.


    • Eric L.

      Eric L. - 2004-11-11


      not sure I understand the problem correctly, let me rephrase it:
      - you have files with spaces in their name, e.g. 'some stupid name.mm'
      - and you try to link them with the freemindbrowser, putting the blanks in the HTML code, something like:
          <param name="browsemode_initial_map" value=
          "http://freemind.sourceforge.net/maps/some stupid name.mm" />
      and this doesn't work.


      If yes, then that's how it should work, following info from tidy

      URIs must be properly escaped, they must not contain unescaped
      characters below U+0021 including the space character and not
      above U+007E. Tidy escapes the URI for you as recommended by
      HTML 4.01 section B.2.1 and XML 1.0 section 4.2.2. Some user agents
      use another algorithm to escape such URIs and some server-sided
      scripts depend on that. If you want to depend on that, you must
      escape the URI by your own. For more information please refer to

      So, no way, you'll have to go through notepad.



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