Can I install multiple versions of Freemind?

  • Ward Christensen

    Just that.

    I'm thinking of upgrading to a newer release, but if I don't like it or have a problem it would be nice to use the older version, too!


    /Ward Christensen inventor of Xmodem & BBSs

  • Christian Foltin


    this is very easy: just use the zip-release and unzip it to a different folder. There, you can start the freemind.exe (I assume, you are under windows). Observe, that the file format has changed: if you save a file under a newer version, there is no automatism to open it under an older version afterwards.

    HTH, Chris

  • Ward Christensen

    Thanks, Chris!

    My customizations for keys are in \Users\WardC.freemind, and I would worry if I install to a new folder, it STILL would put, patterns.xml, in the same user folder overwriting the old?

    I may try it using Acronis "try and decide" which snapshots windows and lets me revert to it as if nothing was installed.

    I'm sorry to hear the file format changed, as I wrote SO MANY freemind accessories that work directly on the .mm file - for example, changing links from long generated name, to short version of the text it links to. This allows me to TYPE in links, such as "#1" for priority #1, etc. I also wrote "slim" (remove dates) "noid"=remove all IDs that aren't referenced, "align text" so the darn child-child-child-child don't go walking up the screen (add vshift="-2" to each child) etc.

    P.S. one reason I didn't update from 0.8.0 was that when I tried, the screen was no longer 99% my map, i.e. it was designed for the newbie to mouse to menus etc, while I had finger memory of all my shortcut keys and didn't need it. I'm sure if I had the patience, I'd have found the menus could be turned off, which is why I'm interested in trying again.

    I have one request: Arrows (in 0.8.0) seem awfully hard to maniuplate, considering that they are bezier curves with "those wonderful handles" but you don't allow grabbing a handle - you have to grab the line, whose impact may be on BOTH ends of the arrow, etc.

    so (1) select an arrow "line"; it then shows the handles with a little o--- on the end to grab so (2) you can manipulate the "controls" directly.



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