Vic_J - 2014-03-30

I tried to open an existing (older version) mindmap. If I leave the mindmap open and close freemind, next time I run freemind it again prompts to update the file and then hangs. The last entry in the log is it trying to open the file
"INFO: Loading file: file:file_path"

In order to get freemind to load, I had to delete the .freemind directory.

The problem seems to be the confirmation dialog which asks to convert to the newer version of mindmap. If I select the "Dont ask me again" tickbox, freemind DOESNT hang.

It does this with several older files. I thought this may help others as I was about to give up on using freemind until I found the workaround of ticking the box.

1.0.0 on linux with java 1.6.0_30 (openJDK IcedTea6 1.13.1).

Last edit: Vic_J 2014-03-30