Freemind & Windows 7 32 bit

  • John Burrell

    John Burrell - 2010-05-23


    I've today downloaded Freemind 0.8.1 & the latest JRE to get working on my new 32 bit Windows 7 machine. It launches & runs fine but will/can not save a map. I've tried the freemind.bat change but cannot get it to happen. Any help appreciated - thanks.

  • AnGus King

    AnGus King - 2010-05-24


    I don't run Windows 7 so can't say how wel it works in your environment but I'd really encourage you to install FreeMind 0.9.1 RC6 or RC7. The functionality is much better.

    Kind regards


  • John Burrell

    John Burrell - 2010-05-24

    Thanks Angus - I'm new to open software & hadn't thought there would be beta versions available so just got the latest offered. Downloading now so hopefully that's the answer.

  • Michael Biele

    Michael Biele - 2010-08-23

    I just started using FreeMind (0.9.0) and have found it to be an excellent tool for modeling.  My laptop is currently running Windows Vista SP2 and I have already purchased Windows 7 which I have not yet installed.  Because of the amount of work I have already put into the business model I am building I do not want to go to Windows 7 if FreeMind will not work or is unstable.  What is your recommendation.

    Thanks very much,

  • Daniel Polansky

    Daniel Polansky - 2010-08-24

    Hello Mike,

    I do not know whether it is usual for people to experience problems running FreeMind 0.8.1 on Windows 7 32-bit. This thread is the only one that I have found that deals with issues of Windows 7 32-bit; there is another thread for Windows 64-bit. I am keeping track of all the issues related to Windows 7 here:

    My estimate is that many people are running FreeMind 0.8.1 and 0.9.0 without a problem on Windows 7 32-bit, or else we would have already several complaints in the forums and in the bugs tracker. It is possible that the problem reported at the beginning of this thread has to do with a faulty Java installation or with using a non-Sun Java virtual machine or something of the sort rather than with Windows 7 32-bit. These are mere estimates, though. If you want to avoid risk, I would recommend you find someone who has Windows 7 32-bit installed and test FreeMind 0.8.1 and 0.9.0 on his Windows 7 32-bit machine. If you do perform this test, please let us know in this thread how the test turned out, so that other users know they can safely use FreeMind on Windows 7 32-bit.


  • nispio

    nispio - 2011-01-04

    I am also having issues with Windows 7 32-bit (Professional).  I have the latest version of JRE installed (Java SE 6 Update 23).  I tried all of the different install types for 0.8.1 (min, max, zip, exe, bat) and I also tried the 0.9.0 RC10.  In all cases, I can save maps, but I cannot save my preferences.  When I change any of my preferences and click "save", I see the message box that says that I will need to restart before the settings take effect.  Upon closing and re-opening the program, all of the preferences have been reverted back to defaults.

    I have had issues in the past with Windows UAC (User Accounts Control) getting in the way of letting me save from other programs, but usually running the program as an administrator will fix that issue.  Running Freemind as an administrator does not fix the problem though.

    I installed 0.8.1 in a Windows XP virtual machine and ran it as a virtual application in Windows 7, and it worked as expected.


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