Hide HTML editor(?) in mind map mode

  • kaosbunny

    kaosbunny - 2011-02-24

    When starting a freshly installed Freemind there is a HTML editor window attached to the bottom. There is no explanation (or even mentioning) of this window in any of the documentation, and there seems to be no way to turn it off or hide it.

    The only option is trying to resize it but at it's smallest size it still takes up atleast 20% vertical screen space, which is really valuable space on a widescreen netbook.

    How do I disable it, and what is it even for? (It has two tabs, "layout view" and "html code view", but they seem to have no relation to anything in the actual mindmap..)

  • Christian Foltin


    under the View menu there is an option to hide the "note" panel.

    HTH, Chris

  • kaosbunny

    kaosbunny - 2011-02-25

    Thank you!


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