cfo - 2012-10-24


I was hoping anyone could help me with this. Freemind won't launch at all, meaning absolutely nothing happens. to my understanding, missing or outdated java is a common cause for this problem, but i my case, JRE is up to date and as far as I can see, working perfectly. up until recently, the only way i could launch Freemind was to uninstall it, then reinstall it and launch it from there. that doesn't work anymore either, but I can't figure out what's changed. I have of course tried to launch it directly from C//:program files directory, as well as from "run" in the start menu, but eith no results whatsoever. anyone know how to fix this? 

it should be mentioned that I've reinstalled windows some time ago. this was only partially successful as most of the drivers had to be reinstalled as well as .NET framework. both should be up to date now, but it is certainly possible that I'm missing another crucial component.