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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I use ubuntu OS. Whenever I create a node which links to a web address Free Mind opens lynx or links (not sure which). How can I make it open firefox?

    • Eric L.

      Eric L. - 2006-02-09


      which version are you using? Did you install the .DEB file or use just the .zip file?
      If you used the DEB file, I would suggest that you have a look at urlsee(1).
      Else, you can try to define the variable default_browser_command_other_os in the file ~/.freemind/

      Cheers, Eric

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm using 0.8.0 and I used the .deb. I found the urlsee man page unfortunatly I don't know how to handle environment variables. I can change the command under tools preferences HTML and set it to firefox {0} but then of couse I cant open the links to files (open office, music, and such)

      • Eric L.

        Eric L. - 2006-02-10


        how could you survive till now without environment variable under Linux? ;-)

        OK, it's pretty easy (assuming a bash shell): you set a variable by:
           VARIABLE="value with blanks"
        and then you make it accessible to the programs running in the current shell with:
           export VARIABLE.
        (you can also put them together with 'export VARIABLE=value')

        Where can you set these variables:
        1. directly in the shell/console but then you need to do it each time. Good for tests, not good for real life.
        2. you can set it in /etc/profile and/or /etc/bash.bashrc (for all users) or ~/.profile and/or ~/.bashrc (only for your user). All applications will be impacted. (search for "profile" in the bash manpage for more info)
        3. you can set it in /etc/freemind/freemindrc (all users) or ~/.freemind/freemindrc (only you). It will then impact only freemind.

        I would recommend the 3rd choice, e.g. edit/create the file ~/.freemind/freemindrc with the following lines:
           export BROWSER

        Hope this helps,

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks a billion Eric... now I can sleep at night. (no seriously it was bugging me like crazy) I'm not sure why but option 2 didn't seem to work. But 3 worked just fine (I tried it before but failed to realize that I had to export at the end of the file).
      tux it up,


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