Peter Condon - 2012-03-23


I have been trying to get my Mindmap to appear on a webpage now for nearly a week without any success, and any help you could give me would be appreciated.
After looking through the forum to try and find the answer with no success, I figured I’d ask directly.

When running the html file that should load the map, I get an error message saying: ‘Could not load map at FILEURL.’ Which seems to be a common error, however, none of the answers shown here have worked.

This is the code that I am using:
  <APPLET CODE="freemind.main.FreeMindApplet.class"
          ARCHIVE="./freemindbrowser.jar" WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT="100%">
  <PARAM NAME="type" VALUE="application/x-java-applet;version=1.4">
  <PARAM NAME="scriptable" VALUE="false">
  <PARAM NAME="modes" VALUE="freemind.modes.browsemode.BrowseMode">
  <PARAM NAME="browsemode_initial_map"
  <!-          ^ Put the path to your map here  ->
<param NAME="initial_mode" VALUE="Browse">
<param NAME="selection_method" VALUE="selection_method_direct">

As you can see, I’ve already tried adding the “./” at the beginning of the file links, as they all sit in the same folder, but this has had no effect, and I still get the same error message.
I’m using the latest version of the freemindbrowser jar file (0.7.1), and have also tried in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Any help that anyone can give me would be very much appreciated.