My win2000 frozen with freemind

  • Nobody/Anonymous

      I like freemind and install it on my windows 2000 and Linux. The Linux version is OK, but windows 2000 would hang. The keyboard would lose control throughly, even the Ctrl-Alt-Del fail. It seems to happen when I close the freemind, but I cannot make sure of it.
       Any advice would be appreciate to solve this problem, or please tell me how to gather informationu helpfult to analyze the reason.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Black! i have win2k and freemind (and freemind browser) runs perfectly!
      check out if you have j2re installed correctly.
      You can try uninstalling every old jre and then downloading and installing the latest j2re.

      Hope this post helps you.

      Leonardo from Venezuela.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I get the same problem with Win2K. Occasionally Freemind 0.71 freezes the PC and only a hard reset will fix it.

      I've had the problem a number of times now but not yet figured out exactly what event causes it. I think it may be to do with changing edge colours, or expanding/contracting a node.

      • Christian Foltin

        Hi guys,

        well, I don't believe, that this can be produced by freemind. It happens, that Java-Application (freemind is such) are memory intensive and thus reveal certain problems with your computer. Once I had such problems I tried to change the memory or to test it.

        Just a thought, Chris

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have tested Freemind as well on Windows XP Pro SP2. There it freezes as well, only a full reset can help. We use a lot of Java applications and develope them as well. I suppose Java is running correct. We have enough free memory (1GB)

      • Christian Foltin


        if you are a developer, you can imagine that it should not be possible to freeze the system using a java application.
        What else can cause your problem?



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