crdowden - 2012-05-21

Is there a way to "Group" sets of children, so that if I change a list of children in 1 parent node, it will automaticallly change that same list of children in another parent node? In other words, I have lots of parent branches each with identical sets of children. It becomes a problem when I have to add/remove a single child from each parent branch. I was hoping there was a way to "Label a set of children" so that copies would update based on me changing the original.

Or, does anyone have a good way of dealing with this situation if it's not programatically possible? I would say I have 55 separate mindmap files, each containing 200 parent nodes, most of which have identical sets of children. You can imagine my horror when a child gets added and needs to be everywhere.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.