Can you take the map and save in PFD format

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi I am new to free mind software I am in college we have to create a team map for an IT project then save it in PFD format in Adobe. Can this be done using Free Mind? I got to do this in about a week.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      If you use Windows XP there is a free tool that allows to print to a PDF-File instead of a normal printer. You can download the Tool at

      1. download/install ghostscript
      2. download/install freepdfxp

      After installation you'll find a new printer on your pc. Print the freemind map to that printer and you get your PDF-file. You can use this printer now to get PDF-files from any application.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Wow! and !woW


        • Eric L.

          Eric L. - 2004-09-14


          use the File->Print... menu point to _not_ print directly, check the "Print to File" option, give a name to the postscript file (e.g. /home/username/, then go to a console:
          # cd /home/username
          # ps2pdf

          and then

          # xpdf map.pdf
          # acroread map.pdf

          The ps2pdf utility is part of the ghostscript-library package (under SuSE) and of the ghostscript package for other distributions.

          Hope this helps, Eric

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      What about on Linux?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        It's very easy. Go to File -> Print -> Check 'Save to file' ('Imprmir en archivo' in Spanish). You'll get a postscript file that can be easily convert to a pdf using ps2pdf, which is part of Ghostscript.


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