graphical links non-graphically? html export?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I did a search and didn't see quite was I was looking for...namely, I'm helping someone with a library resource guide where they can "drill down" to what resource they'll need. Needless to say, several of these nodes end at the same resource, which they'd prefer to create at the end of one branch and have graphical links to it from the others.  This is great and fine if the java applet is employed, but there are no indicators of the graphical links if the mindmap is simply exported to html.  Is there something I can do to make the graphical links act as a "jump" between branches and nodes?

    • Antonimo

      Antonimo - 2005-02-18

      If you are using a recent 0.8.0rc test version, you can create internal links (from the Insert menu - "add local hyperlink").

      Exporting the map using the "Export to HTML, next version with clouds and links" will export a map with the graphical links still in place within the HTML page. Also, the graphical link is visible on the image map.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hmm...the 0.8.0rc version is a big step up I think (I originally got the 0.7 version), but I don't quite see the 'Export to HTML, next version with clouds and links' option.  I did see the image map options, which were very neat (though either not working in unfolding or static).

      I guess I'm more looking for something that's text-only with this kind of scenario: When the graphical link or local hyperlink point to a different node, in the html-only text export, I would actually want that link item replicated at that non-linear spot rather than jump to the element. So, say, it's like this:

      Item1 <-- Area1 <--- [Center] ---> Area2 --> Link to Item1

      The outline would be:


      Is that something that's possible?

    • charlener0

      charlener0 - 2005-02-22

      of course, it lost the formatting. here's the outline again (tho it may be text-based):



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