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  • Dr Bob Jansen

    Dr Bob Jansen - 2013-08-30

    I am using Freemind to create an index to a web site of interviews (

    Several of these freemind maps point to an interview, such as the map for Yvonne Boag.

    The link from the Yvonne Boag node to the interview is via a html url, ../Conversations/Boag_Yvonne/HTML5/testimonybrowser.html but this needs a target attribute, target="_top", to correctly replace the current web page shown in the window. I cannot find any way of including an attribute such as this in a freemind link and so I have to manually edit the Boag_Yvonne.html file after I have exported the Javascript version of the mindmap, to include the target attribute. As the number of interviews in the site increases, this is becoming a pain to do but more to remember to do.

    Is there any way of including such link attributes in the freemind link?

  • Christian Foltin


    yes, change the export script (XSLT, e.g. toxhtml.xsl), such that the links where exported as you like. HTH, Chris


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