HTML formatting within a Node

  • Antonimo

    Antonimo - 2004-12-07

    I have a node which I edited using "Edit a long node".

    The text I entered is as follows:

    <html>This is an <p STYLE="font-size:36; background-color:beige">unimportant</p>word.

    The word "unimportant" is placed on its own line with a beige background.

    That's great, but I haven't worked out how to keep the lines of the node together.

    Can anybody help me with this simple (?) html please?

    Is complex formatting something that should be posted as a Feature Request?

    • Eric L.

      Eric L. - 2004-12-07


      it's working the way it should, you created a new <p>aragraph. Replace "p" with "span" and it should roll.
      And STYLE should be written style...


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks Eric,

      Your reply put me "on track".

      Using <span> does have the right effect when the map is exported to html and viewed in a browser.

      Unfortunately, this approach does not have any effect when viewed in FreeMind.

      I have been experimenting a little and for the benefit of anybody saerching the forum for an answer to a similar question, here are a few nodes with formatting that is visible in FreeMind as well as when exported to HTML and viewed in a browser.

      <html>This is an <em>important</em> word

      <html>This is an <i>important</i> word

      <html>This is an <B>important</B> word

      [font colour]
      <html>This is an <font color=FF0000>important</font> word

      [font size]
      <html>This is an <font size=24>important</font> word

      <html>This is a list

      My maps look a lot better already!


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