Where does Freemind store its settings?

  • arbe

    arbe - 2005-01-20

    When I start Freemind, it automatically opens the map which was last active the last time I ran the application. Where do you store this information (i.e. the path of the most recently used map)? Am I able to clear this history manually?

    Thanks for your help in advance!

    • Antonimo

      Antonimo - 2005-01-20

      Are you using Windows?

      If so, have a look in the FreeMind folder under "Documents and Settings\<username>\freemind" (or something like this).

      In this folder you will find a file named, "auto.properties" - Open this up in Notepad.

      Near to the top of this file you can see the recently opened file list.

      At the end of this file there is a reference to the default file to open if none is specified (onStartIfNotSpecified=MindMap)

      I personally have my own "template" map set on the "onStartIfNotSpecified" line and I have then made the file "auto.properties" read only so that my template is always opened if I don't launch FreeMind by double-clicking on an existing mm file.

      Hope this helps!

    • Antonimo

      Antonimo - 2005-01-20

      Follow Up:

      There is also a file called user.properties containing many other customizable settings. Have a look through these too.

      I always make a copy of these files before I "tweak" them - Just in case :-)

      Also, have a look at this page for loads of information, including the answer to your earlier question:



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