How to change selected node color?

  • KingTermite

    KingTermite - 2010-11-04

    I've toyed around but can't find out how to change the background color of the selected node. Is this possible?

    I'd like the selected node to be something other than grey… I use default white back/black test, black text is not as contrasting with grey as it would be with another color.


  • David Favor

    David Favor - 2010-11-18

    One way is to right click the node -> Format -> Node Background Color.

    You can also CMD-A to select all nodes. Click Format in the menu and make any changes to your entire MindMap.

  • syockit

    syockit - 2016-01-08

    NOTE: I'm bumping this topic, but only because it appears on first page of Google result "freemind selected node background color", so that it helps future users facing the same problem.

    David seems to have misunderstood what OP wants. OP gave a clue to his problem: "…selected node to be something other than grey…", which is what FreeMind defaults to for node that is being selected, regardless of what the physical format or style the node has (the one it uses when it is not selected).

    (Below applies to Freemind 1.0.1)

    To change the appearance of selected node,
    1. Open menu "Tools>Preferences..."
    2. Select menu "Appearance" on the left bar.
    3. Customize the "Standard Selected Node Color"

    I prefer using Bubbles to show that a node is selected. This can be enabled by ticking the checkbox "Display Selected Nodes in Bubbles". This will surround selected node with a bubble (color can be customized under "Selected Node Bubble Color") instead of changing background color. This is especially useful when you have nodes with dark background color and light foreground text color.


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