Copy to Clipboard failure with Gnome

  • Roland

    Roland - 2005-02-09

    Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong:

    I' m using Freemind on SUSE 9.2 with Gnome. When copying a branch or even plain text and trying to paste into another application - nothing happens. It seems Freemind is not using the same clipboard because when pasting into let's say Open Office Writer I get pasted the content of the clipboard from any other application - only with Freemind it doesn't work.
    In spite of that I can cut/copy/paste perfectly within Freemind.
    When using KDE on SUSE 9.2 I didn't have that problem - seems to be a problem with Gnome!?

    • Eric L.

      Eric L. - 2005-02-12


      just made a small test under Debian/KDE, and the result is: copy & paste works but only if I paste with the middle mouse button (Ctrl+V doesn't work).
      I know that the "mouse selection clipboard" and the "copy clipboard" can be 2 different things, klipboard under KDE has an option to synchronize both. I'm not very familiar with GNOME, but perhaps there is a similar option, or you can try to paste with the middle mouse button.

      Tell if this helps, I'll add it to the Linux FAQ.

      Cheers, Eric

      • Roland

        Roland - 2005-02-14

        Hi Eric!

        Yes, that works as you described it. Thanks a lot!

        KDE's "Klipper" seems to be the program that synchronizes the KDE-Klipboard with the X-clipboard (middle-mouse-button), a basic function of X.
        I didn't find a similar option for gnome up to now, but if I find one I will post it here.



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