Initial map size problem - Windows XP/Vista

  • karenina67

    karenina67 - 2011-04-02

    Hello, I have been using Freemind on and off for the last year, but since the last RC of Freemind 0.9.0 and then a clean install of Freemind 0.9.0.stable release, I can't find a way to do the following, neither on my Windows XP or Windows Vista installations:

    - (specific help request) make my choices of initial map size and application window weight and height be respected; they do get saved on '' but when I re-start Freemind, I get a huge initial map that is 3x my screen size, and which sometimes go automatically to the center of the map where the initial node was placed, but sometimes makes me use both vertical and horizontal scrollbars to find it. (My default is to start with MindMap mode on.)

    - (general help request) find answers either on the forums or help pages that are clear enough about how to customize Freemind, e.g. is the file '' still created when I run a Windows installer? If not, why is it on the preferences dialog, 'environment' tab? what is the unit of the numbers in the preferences dialog - pixels, millimeters?

    Documentation on Freemind is in need of an urgent cleaning & organizing effort. Is there a person in charge, or a team?

    Thank you for any insight. Should you need more info before providing an answer, I'll gladly provide it.

  • Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska

    Not that this helps you, but I have the same problem with windows 7.


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