mac and free mind

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    please help
    i run panther operating system.for the first time i installed freemind today,almost all the things are working but when i select BROWSE from the ''modes'' it says
    couldnot open url file
    kindly help

    • Tony Reid

      Tony Reid - 2004-03-10

      You need to make sure that the url is pointing to the correct directory path.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Are you sure that is part of the Mac (OSX) install package? When I try to launch help it can't find this file, and I can't find it anywhere else.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The same thing happened to me...:-((((

    • Stewart Greenhill

      I also have this problem. For more information, check my post here:

    • John Ralls

      John Ralls - 2004-12-03

      The problem is that the help document,, is provided, but isn't where FreeMind expects it.  It's in
      If you type that path into the URL bar on the browser, the help document will come up.
      One should be able to change this by editing one's user.preferences file (at least the commented-out option is there, but when uncommented and changed, it doesn't do anything.)

    • John Ralls

      John Ralls - 2004-12-04

      A little more work and I found the key browsemode_initial_map (at line 243 in user.preferences).  Changing that fixes the Documentation and the error boxes coming up when one switches to browse mode.


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