Bug - file size suddenly increasing

phat dan
  • phat dan

    phat dan - 2011-08-03

    Whilst making maps I have often recently had the memory size of the .mm file increase from Kb to Mb all of a sudden (noticeable in the .freemind folder autosaves). The program immediately becomes slow and the file too big to use or reopen.  Today the code for a  single node seemed to be the culprit. I copied and pasted to Word and there were 3000 pages of the following piece of code recurring.
          p { margin-top: 0 }
          body { font-family: SansSerif; font-size: 12pt }

    I do tend to copy and paste to maps a bit. But I dont know where this is coming from. Any suggestions to make this amazing program any better?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2013-03-26

    I´m having the same issue…
    The file size that is some KB suddenly increases to MB (9 to 25 MB).
    After that I loose everthing cause I´m not able to open the same file anymore.
    It´s annoying cause times from times i loose everthing I done….

    I´m using: Freemind 0.9.0 and tried to update java to Java version 1.7.017 but it didn´t worked.

  • Christian Foltin

    Hi Rafael,

    please send the big map directly to me (email is included in the documentation map), I'll see, how to help you getting back your map.

    HTH, Chris


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