Mac OS X: Apple+Q quits without saving

  • Alexander Daniel

    Mac OS X automatically adds the menu entry FreeMind | Quit FreeMind. The shortcut is Apple+Q, which is the standard shortcut for quiting an application in Mac OS X. Unfortunately Apple+Q quits FreeMind without asking whether you want to save your mindmaps, i.e. when you quit FreeMind in the standard Mac OS X way (to which you are used to) you loose the informationen you added to your MindMap.

    Changing the keystroke_quit to "meta Q" in does not help.

    Does anybody know a solution to the described problem?

    • Christian Foltin


      solved in the latest testversion. See FAQ for the place.

      • Alexander Daniel

        Thanks! It is solved in 0.8.0 beta4.

        There is one problem though: When the "Save" dialog appears and one chooses "Cancel" FreeMind quits.


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