Positioning nodes

  • Thorbjorn

    Thorbjorn - 2011-03-09


    I am having issues with condensing my map to a view that is practical for normal screen sizes. The nodes spread out with a lot of space, and I am not able to reposition them, even though there is so much free space that could be taken away. I have tried to ctrl+drag, to reset positions etc. but I cannot get rid of all the unnecessary space. It's getting so impractical that I need a solution…any ideas?

  • Liz

    Liz - 2011-06-11

    Me too! In desperation I have deleted all but one 1st level child node and then created a new 1st level child just to see what happened. Zoom! Huge long linking line to node. Most of the canvas is blank space even when all nodes are expanded. Wondering now if there is a way of copying a node from one map to another as a way of starting over again without having to type it all in again.

  • pam

    pam - 2011-06-26

    yes, what's up with all the white space?  how do you add a node ABOVE the existing nodes, or move them there.  sure would be good to direct where the new node will be.  
    other than that, such a great program!
    hopefully there's some support tho- the first question on this was in March, and now it's June.

  • Anonymous - 2011-06-26

    What version are your using?

    On version 1.0.0 i have no problems.
    click and drag to move.
    Crl+clik drag down for smaller distance between nodes/drag up for bigger.

  • Mike Barrett

    Mike Barrett - 2011-07-07

    To some extent, I think we're stuck on the spacing, but there is a way to control how much space it takes up.

    The vertical spacing is controlled by the tag value VGAP in the .mm file:
    <node COLOR="#000000" CREATED="1310053567426" ID="ID_654393461" MODIFIED="1310055832986" TEXT="MM File Structure Test" VGAP="0">
    <node COLOR="#0033ff" CREATED="1310054836685" ID="ID_989679804" MODIFIED="1310056201236" POSITION="right" TEXT="Node 1" VGAP="10">
    <node COLOR="#00b439" CREATED="1310053586314" ID="ID_954753976" MODIFIED="1310055804791" TEXT="Node1A" VGAP="5">

    HOWEVER, A parent node's VGAP appears to override a child node's VGAP.
    Haven't worked out if there's a horizontal equivalent.

    The final spacing will be determined by the algorithm that prevents nodes overlapping.  VGAP is probably a parameter that "suggests" how much space to use.

  • Ivan V. Boichenko

    I have solve this problem. My nodes also jumping far away from root. The solution is just double-clicking on the hook of node. I have to double-click such way several nodes before all nodes was rearranged. Suggestion: if any node became in "not normal" state then another nodes also are shuffled untill you double-clicking this "not normal" node.


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