Globally Apply/Update Physical Style/Pattern?

  • tormen

    tormen - 2012-11-22


    With the Freemind pattern manager it is possible to "Apply" a physical style / pattern to the selected node.

    But how can I mass-apply a physical style/Pattern to many nodes ?

    Is there an easy way to apply a physical style to a CTRL+SHIFT+F (filter) selection ?!
    Is this maybe already planned or in 1.0beta ??

    Thanks a lot for any hint on this! I tried to google / search, but did not find anything.


  • tormen

    tormen - 2012-11-22

    OK, I just understood that the "Apply" actually works on the current selection of nodes.

    So I have to precise:

    I have certain nodes with a certain physical style/pattern.
    If I want to change this pattern, what is the easiest way to do that for all my nodes that have this style.
    (avoiding to select them all manually) ?

    Would it be maybe possibe to have a Custom Attribute on them to easily select them all like this ?
    But It seems, I can't filter by a custom attribute?

    Thanks again for any hint!



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