• Nobody/Anonymous

    I can se two beautiful crosslinks, one directed and one not. How can I make crosslinks in Freemind?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You can find the steps in creating the link in 'Help/Documentation'.

      Basically, select a node, hold 'Shift+Ctrl', drag and drop to another node.

      You can change the style of the link by right-click on the link.

    • Anonymous - 2004-08-01

      Wonderful. I had exactly the same question.
      Its so easy when you know how :)
      I did look through the help file, but didnt see it. I have just checked again and there it was. I guess I just didnt know the proper name for what I was after.
      I love Freemind.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I love freemind too.
      These crosslinks are sometimes very helpful.

      But when printing the map, using "fullscale" all edges are seen on the paper.. but a crosslink leaves the paper if it connects two nodes near the border.

      Any workaround??

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Hey...I just discovered freemind and it's really awesome. I also used the graphical links, but can't work out how to use it when the other node is off the visual screen. Can't seem to scroll when I have cntrl & shift down. Any solutions? Could you guys do it?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Crosslink is great. Yet how do I link when its out side the visual off the screen. When holding down cntrl & shift I cant scroll to the node.
      Have you guys tried it?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The cross linking does not seem to carry over to exporting to HTML.  I love the program for being able to order everything.  However I have two sub-nodes that should both point to another sub node so if you access the page by way of one or the other you would get to the same point.  Currently I am saving the sub node as another map to be pointed to.  Is there some way to simply cross link and have it also cross link on the HTML export file?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for answering my exact same question about how to crosslink. For some reason on my OS-X install I only got the app, none of the docs.

      Loving Freemind - what a great piece of SW!!


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