Can't open mind map after software upgrade

  • Gerhard Dietrichsteiner


    My machine was running with OS X 10.6.8 and an older Freemind version. I upgraded OS X to the current 10.8.3 yesterday and found out that my Freemind version didn't work any more. So I installed the current version which is 0.9.0.

    Now when I try to open a mind map, Freemind says it needs to convert it to the new format. I agree, and afterwards see just one node containing this message:

    Error while parsing file:freemind.main.XMLParseException: XML Parse Exception during parsing of a map element at line 1: Expected: =

    The .mm file starts like this:

    <node CREATED="1234188472659" ID="Freemind_Link_1824366866" MODIFIED="1244187845897" TEXT="Project">
    <edge WIDTH="thin"/>

    <node CREATED="1234188519304" ID="_" MODIFIED="1286134794093" POSITION="right" TEXT="Mods">
    <icon BUILTIN="button_ok"/>
    … and so on

    Line 1 would be which looks ok to me…

    Any ideas what could be wrong here?
    I opened the .mm file with UltraEdit, and UE says the encoding is ISO-8859-1 - is that OK for Freemind or should I save the file in another encoding?

    I'd really like to use this mind map again, as it is pretty big and contains lots of important information.

    Thanks for any hints or solutions,


  • Christian Foltin


    use 1.0.0 RC3 instead. There is a java bug, that needs a workaround.

    HTH, Chris


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