Opening a mind map in an open instance

  • Joseph Reagle
    Joseph Reagle

    One of my frustrations with FreeMind, is that the 0.7 versions even on a Pentium 2.4 GHz machine takes four seconds at start up. Moving to the .8 versions increases that to a 6 second start up. This wouldn't be a problem it from the commandline I could open new mind maps in an existing application. Instead, I am always closing the application and then starting a new one and incurring the startup delay. Is there any commandline parameter that would allow me to open a mind map in an existing application?

    • Why not just keep FM open, and use _it_ to open up new maps? You can readily switch back and forth between them.


    • Antonimo

      I use a P3 at 800 Mhz - I understand the frustration (+16 seconds!). I use a batch file to launch the app and  use the line, "start /HIGH freemind.exe" to increase its performance.

      Additionally, I use the FreeMind launcher found in the Patches (1059309 - Windows Launcher) It is an alternative Windows Launcher which isn't
      grouped together with other java programs on the
      Windows XP taskbar.

      Are you using Windows?

      Regarding opening up the map - You can close a map with Ctrl+W then open a new map from from the File menu or with Ctrl+O

      The File menu also contains a list of the most recently opened maps.

      With several Maps open in the same instance of the application, one change switch between them  3 ways:
      1. with Ctrl+ Left Arrow / Right Arrow,
      2. by right-clicking and following the menu choice and
      3. From the Maps menu

    • Joseph Reagle
      Joseph Reagle

      Thanks for the suggestions, but I am familiar with these techniques. The problem is I tend to use the command line and file browser a lot. From the command line, it open up another app, and I can't drag and drop from Konqueror. (Using linux).