Novice needs help with installation...

  • Greg Focaccio

    Greg Focaccio - 2010-04-04


    I would like some help with the installation of FreeMind on my Ubuntu system please.  First thing I did was install JRE from synaptic.  Then I downloaded the latest release candidate.  I gunzipped the file and used tar -xvf to extract it. I found the file, but when chmoded it with 777 and then tried to run it with ./ it didn't work.

    I'm not a systems guy so I'm sure I'm missing something.  Can some one give me so steps to follow for installing and running on Ubuntu 9.10 server with Ubuntu desktop installed?


  • Greg Focaccio

    Greg Focaccio - 2010-04-06

    Thanks Eric,

    I was going to try your suggestion, then I found the following link for a

    .deb package of the .9 RC 4 release of FreeMind !

    Exactly what I was looking for!

    Thanks to daqron in post # 5 here:


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