Task list in Freemind

  • Roman

    Roman - 2010-09-17

    Hello all,
    I wanted to ask about a feature in FreeMind - if there is some possibility to create tasks after/while creating a mind map. It would be very useful if you can add typical task parameters including reminders, categories etc. Then some task view could be also implemented to see/organise current tasks by time, category etc.

    Does anybody knows about such feature in FreeMind (which is my favourite program) or in some other Mind Mapping sw?

    Thanks for your hints.

  • samos29

    samos29 - 2010-09-17

    Hi Romankytka,
    such things are possible with Freemind.
    - Reminders can be programmed thru the alerts
    - categories (who ?, what ?, Where ?,….) can be included in your attributes.

    If you use filters too, you have a complete projects system.


  • Roman

    Roman - 2010-09-17

    Hi Franck,
    thanks for the hint. I'm a begginer in Freemind so I tried to serach for Alerts etc. in some documentation, but no success. keep trying bu would appreciate if you can provide me with some link or whatever.. :-)


  • spinifex

    spinifex - 2010-09-17

    Hi Roman

    It's all described on this page

    Short version: go to Tools, Show Calendar to set Reminders (visual only) to an already selected node (visual only) and go to Tools, Show Time Scheduler List, to view any reminders you have already already set.



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