Phil Lacy - 2014-04-09

I'm using FreeMind as a document location system to make it easier for users to locate key documents, but also open new documents based on templates. In FM0.9.0, a link to a Microsoft Word 2010 template would open a new document based on the template. This seems to have changed in 1.0.0 and now all the links to Word templates are opening the actual template.
Having searched a range of forums on this topic, I've found that it seems to be a common problem with hyperlinks to Microsoft document templates. Microsoft's 'official' workaround is to create a shortcut that points to the template, then a hyperlink to the shortcut. This solutiion doesn't work within FreeMind. A link to a template shortcut behaves the same as a link to the template itself; they both open the original document.
Can anyone offer a solution to the problem?
An elegant solution would be something similar to the "emailto:" prefix for creating new email messages. A "newdoc:" prefix before a template link would open a new document based on the link that followed. Is this possible?
I look forward to hearing from you.