problems with export in RC4

  • hakan

    hakan - 2013-09-11

    Hello, I'm a long time user and fan of FreeMind and I wanted to know if someone has experienced the same problem with the export function in the later versions of this marvellous piece of SW.

    I'm using FM on Windows 7 and it seems the same problem exists in both the RC2 and RC4 versions, but not in the Beta2 from last year, which I fortunately hadn't thrown away...

    I noticed that I cannot export to HTML (using shortcuts Ctrl-E and Ctrl-H) when the file is stored on a network drive, while it works on a local drive. This problem actually exists in all three versions, Beta-2, RC2 and RC4. This is not a big deal since you can store a local copy of the file before generating HTML, I was just curious to know if anyone had the same problem?

    A more serious issue however, present in both RC2 and RC4 versions, is that the export to Java Applet and Flash do not seem to work correctly, while these worked in Beta-2.

    After comparing the files generated by the Beta-2 and the RC2 and RC4 versions, I saw that the generated html-file contained the wrong format of the file path, it will generate something like "./file:/C:/Users/you/Documents/kudos.html_files/..." instead of for example "./kudos.html_files/..." which the Beta-2 generates (manually modifying to "C:/Users/you/Documents/kudos.html_files/..." would also work so it is apparently the "file:"-prefix which causes the problem).

    The workaround here is of course to manually modify the html-file but it would be nice if it worked correctly, especially in the released version :-)

    Of course it could be that I've missed some setting, either in FreeMind or in Windows but since Beta-2 is working and RC2/4 not, I thought that this was related to FM and not to Windows.

    The Setting>>Hyperlink Types Links is set to Absolute (in all cases) but I don't think that matters.

    I would appreciate very much if anyone could explain if I'm missing a setting or if this needs to be fixed in FreeMind.

    Kind regards

  • Christian Foltin


    on storing on a network drive: please provide a log file.

    I tried to export (under linux) and got a local path. Do you export in the same directory, where the mm is stored? Which java version do you use?

    TIA, Chris

  • Domarrow

    Domarrow - 2013-11-14

    I've got the same problem as Hakan. I am using a map of a folder and its subfolders to give access to the documents of our quality system to everyone in the company, via an intranet. I do have to manually change the file path in the html for the web page to work correctly, and I also have to use Java version 7 update 21. Any java version that is more recent then update 21 will not work. This is a PITA for our IT guys, since Java is always asking to update itself, hence, rendering the applet unusable. We have found some workarounds, but it would be great if the export to java would work "out of the box".

    Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong!



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