Accessing patterns.xml on a Mac

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I run Freemind on Mac OX 10.3.9

    I want to edit the patterns in patterns.xml. Anyone know how I can open and edit?


    David W

    • Ken Robertson

      Ken Robertson - 2006-04-30

      G'day David W,

      It's a plain text file so you should be able to open it with your favourite text editor.  (Don't know if Macs are funny about that tho'?)


    • steve

      steve - 2006-04-30

      What is the format of such a file. On my mac, there is no such file that I can find

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks... but like Steve I can't find any such file. If I could I could then use textedit.

    • Steve Jakob

      Steve Jakob - 2006-05-28

      The file is embedded within the application JAR file:

      Editing the file would require it be extracted using the "jar" utility in the JDK, and then replacing the original in the JAR.

      • Maurício Habert

        Hi, Steve, could you give me (us) more details? Which utiliity exactly are you mentioning? (I'm searching at but no "extract" here.

          Actually, I'm so lame that I even can't get in the FreeMind dir/app (keep getting " No such file or directory")

          While we're at this, why the developers didn't mention this detail for Mac users?



  • spinifex

    spinifex - 2010-09-08

    Here how to do it in Mac 0.9.0 RC7

    Duplicate Freemind as Freemind Copy (for safety)
    With Freemind Copy: Open Package Contents via Rt-Click Menu
    Find freemind.jar in above (use spotlight or its in /Applications/
    Copy freemind.jar to Desktop
    Unarchive freemind.jar (becomes "Freemind" folder on desktop) (I use The Unarchiver app)
    Edit the files you want to edit (edit xml with html editor; .properties files with Textedit etc)
    Find (in Folder META-INF) and Copy MANIFEST.MF to root of "Freemind" folder from above
    Delete folder META-INF

    Recompiling the freemind.jar file:

    Open Terminal and type following:
    cd Desktop
    cd freemind
    jar -cvmf MANIFEST.MF freemind.jar *

    IN FINDER (replacing freemind.jar)
    From Desktop: copy new freemind.jar back to where you originally got it: ie "Freemind Copy" in Applications
    Check the program works.


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