Problems installing and running on Mac OS

  • spfudge

    spfudge - 2007-01-18

    I am a recent switcher from Windows to Mac and have got used to the Mac OS X application installation process.  However, after downloading Freemind-0_8_0.dmg I can't seem to get the application moved properly to the Applications folder.  I can run no problem from the diskimage, but want to be able to run from the Dock etc as a normal Mac aplication.  There is no package to install and it doesn't install automatically as some Mac apps do.

    I'd welcome any help.  Thanks.

    • bko

      bko - 2007-01-19

      I didn't have any problems.

      I simply dragged the folder to the applications directory and that's it (if i recall correctly, it's been awhile).

      The name of the directory in my apps folder is "Mac_OS_X_Freemind-0_8_0"

      It works ok on both Intel (MacBook Pro) on 10.4.8 and PPC (G5 dual core) on 10.4.7.

      ls describe the steps you are taking.


    • spfudge

      spfudge - 2007-01-20

      Thanks for response, Ben.

      I feel a bit silly 'cos it ended up being as simple as you describe, but will still describe what I did for other Mac switchers who may be confused. I was dragging the dmg file itself to the Applications folder, instead of opening it and dragging the folder containing the Freemind application plus ancillary folders into the Applications folder.  I ended up doing the latter and it works fine.

      Most OS X applications I've installed either have a complete install package you can open and run, or simply entail dragging the application icon into the Applications folder.  Freemind works slightly differently, it would seem.

      Anyway, thanks for response.


  • Helge Stenström

    I have the same problem, except that I can't run from the disk image either. I have got the dmg file, and there is a folder callec Mac_OS_X_Freemind-0_8_1 in it. What should I do with it?

    If I try to run the program inside this folder, I get a length error log, starting with:
    Process:         translate
    Path:            /Volumes/Mac_OS_X_Freemind-0_8_1 Archive/Mac_OS_X_Freemind-0_8_1/
    Identifier:      freemind.main.FreeMind
    Version:         ??? (???)
    Code Type:       PPC (Translated)
    Parent Process:  launchd

    Date/Time:       2010-04-06 22:57:34.591 +0200
    OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.6 (10A380)
    Report Version:  6

    I have an MacBook Pro 5,1 (intel-based, late 2008/early 2009)


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