freemind completely blurred, unredable

  • Victor Jetten

    Victor Jetten - 2010-12-15

    just installed freemind and the last java and I cannot read anything in the program. Menus, the mindmap itself etc is completly blurered and unreadble. Any advice?

  • candygram4mongo

    candygram4mongo - 2010-12-15

    There is nothing a freemind document can do that would blur the menus. Since freemind is a java app, I assume the menus and dialog boxes are generated on the screen by java, not freemind. So, it seems, the problem is with Java. Find a version of java that is compatible with the version of freemind you wish to use (not information I have at my fingertips, but I'm sure you can find it if you care to look) and reinstall Java (uninstalling the version you presently have, if needed). Hopefully this clears things up.

    I could be wrong about the assumptions I've made here, but I'd still proceed with this first. Reinstall an appropriate Java version. If problem persists, reinstall Freemind. If problem persists, see if you can try other freemind files, and observe whether they cause similar problems.

    Another possibility: try a different version of Freemind, maybe somehow there's an issue there. Not likely, but maybe.


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