Linked Subtrees with Propagation

Megan H-C
  • Megan H-C

    Megan H-C - 2011-02-13

    This question was asked in a more clear way than my attempt would likely by.

    "Is there a way to associate a whole subtree from another part in the map? For instance, I am trying to create topics of programming knowledge and find that "Patterns" would fall under "C++", "JAVA" and "General programming techniques". I just want to make sure that what gets changed under one subtree gets propagated to the other instances."

    The author said they found the answer in an article but I haven't found it, myself.  Any help is appreciated.


  • Tony Postiau

    Tony Postiau - 2011-02-28

    I am interested in the same or very similar feature: use references to other nodes in a tree.

  • Christian Foltin


    you refer to cloning. A first (only basically working) version is in the git repository (BETA!).
    So, stay tuned,



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