Code in my node!

  • jane

    jane - 2012-11-26

    Some nodes are starting to randomly display the formatting code. Example directly below:

    <font size="3" face="Times New Roman">Issues involving domestic relations issues based on federal question
            jurisdiction will be heard in federal cour</font>ts

    This is not just on the "html code view" - its showing up on the layout view as well. How do I revert it?

  • anthroboy

    anthroboy - 2012-11-29

    First up - sorry to let you know I don't remember the answer to this.

    I asked the same question a couple of years ago and I have been trying and failing to find  the answer today thanks to a recurrence. I remember one issue being that I didn't know how to define the problem, so it took a couple of tries before someone understood what I was asking and answered it.

    So the good news is that there is an answer, but I remember that it involves manually amending each node that has the problem by cutting and pasting in a particular view. Not ideal, given that several nodes are affected and the problem occurs with different nodes every time I save and re-open the mindmap.

    Ideally, someone can provide a permanent fix or let me know what triggers it because it is annoying the hell out of me. Fingers crossed.

  • anthroboy

    anthroboy - 2013-01-06

    Ok, I give up. It's happening to seemingly random nodes. Every. Time. I. Save.

    The mindmap in question is for public display and the corrective ( is too time consuming and leaves ugly spaces and symbols behind. And yep, have tried starting afresh.

    Reached the end of the road I'm afraid. Going to have to find another tool.


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