creating a mind map from XML

  • John Francis Lee

    Hi, I am brand-new to freemind.

    I have a copy of 0.9.0 installed. I also have a copy of wikka wiki 1.3.2 on a server. I'd like to use freemind to map the contents of the wikki.

    I addition to wikka pages that I generate I have existing information in mysql databases… points to be displayed on google maps, a Thai-english dictionary… that I'd like to make available and selectable using freemind maps.

    My idea is to generate the xml for the mindmap on the server and deliver it to the java or flash applet  to display in my browser.

    I've looked, but haven't found the data definition for freemind. Can anyone point me to it?

    I haven't found the flash applet for displaying freemind maps either.

    Thanks for your very interesting software and for any help you might give me in using it.

  • John Francis Lee

    OK… I have discovered that freemind has a function that applies xslt stylesheets to its mindmaps and produces the java or flash applet and deposits it in a directory. I can study the .mm files and discover what I need to put out to make a .mm file… but can I run freemind from the command line to create the .swf of .jar? and my server does not have java installed anyway, so I cannot run freemind there… I'll download the code and see if it seems possible to somehow recreate the java 'function' that does the conversion.


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