html unravelled?

  • Said Bouziane

    Said Bouziane - 2012-01-19

    I pasted a few internet articles into msword 2007, cleaned them up and transferred them to an mm file, using ctr + v on their title nodes, they were perfect until after a while, once I'd repeated this process maybe twenty or thirty times I noticed that some of them had become a tangle of coding. I have no knowledge of html, but it seems that the Layout View is showing me a bastardized version of the HTML Coding View? How do I repack my articles into their previously neat format? Next time I'm importing articles, would dropping them into notepad first help me out? The articles are now lost amongst the codes, I can import them again (some other time, lol) but I was hoping someone here simply knew what was going on / if there is a fix.

    I'm on winxp running the latest version of FreeMind.

  • sunseven

    sunseven - 2012-03-18

    i  have also find this problem …..
    you can copy the content from the "layout view " to the "html view"   ,you will find it is ok ,now
    but this can only settle the problem temporary.   and now have you settle the problem?


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