Why does text like </p&gt: su...

  • anthroboy

    anthroboy - 2011-07-01

    When I reopen Freemind I find that in some nodes all this crap has inserted itself (see example below), for no apparent reason. It appears occasionally and randomly as far as I can tell, including in nodes where all I have done is write.
    I have been manually cleaning it but this is getting very tiresome now.
    I can't see anything on the help forums or in the FreeMind documentation.
    Can anyone help? Much appreciated

          <font size="3" face="Times New Roman, serif" color="rgb(0, 0, 0)"><b><big>Green Capitalism</big></b><big>.�<b>Manufacturing Scarcity in an Age
          of Abundance</b></big></font>
        <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm" lang="en-GB">
          <font face="Times New Roman, serif" size="3">�Heartfield puts a well aimed, populist boot into the modern-day Green
          Capitalists � Branson, Goldsmith, Charles Windsor, Al Gore, Bill
          Clinton, Lord (Peter) Melchett, and makes reasoned argument that Western
          Capitalism has got to go Green for the sake of exploiting new sources of
        <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm" lang="en-GB">
          <font face=&q

  • Jens Borchert Pedersen

    I have had the same problem. It is in the HTML coding.
    Open long node editing, in the "layout view" you copy alle text.
    Go to "HTML Code View", and delete all text, and paste the copied codes instead.
    Switch back to "Layout view", here you see the more readable HTML code using brackets "<HTML>"

    Do the trick once again
    Copy alle, swith to HTML and replace tha text with the copied text.
    Switch back to "layout view" and you are good to go. :)

    Ahhh Not really, because this node tends to go wrong again.
    try to use <alt P> then <alt r> to switch from rtf to plain text back to rtf

    or copy the plain text into at new node and redo the formatting.

    Hope this helps

  • anthroboy

    anthroboy - 2011-07-25

    Many thanks - in my ignorance I had manually cleared a lot of the last one so it came out a bit weird when I tried your technique but I will apply the same process when it all happens again, which can't be long now…
    Thanks again


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