MM files on a server folder

  • fred

    fred - 2011-07-14

    I often use Freemind 8.1 for presentations. I create a folder, I put the *.mm file in the folder together with the other PDFs, PPTs, images and then I call the files from the mindmap by using relative links. This method permits to transfer the map and the files between different computers and it works also if the folder is moved copied on a server (i mean that opening the *.mm file on the server the links to the other files in the folder still work).

    Using Freemind 9.0 and opening the *.mm file on the server the links do not work, they work only if the folder is placed in the local HDD of the PC. Any help for this problem? In the worst case I will continue to use 8.1

    Thanks Fred

  • Michael Haas

    Michael Haas - 2011-07-14

    I  had a simular problem and could not find any help. (Or I didn't understand right). My hyperlinks became like "file:////[servername\/…"
    In the end I changed to freeplane and now I am one of the most happy mindmappers. Everything works fine. And what used to be a butterfly has become a busy bee.
    Maybe I could help you, Michael

  • Jens Borchert Pedersen

    Or just pres <ctrl k> and delete everything from "file:////[servername" … down to, but NOT, the filename.
    Then you have the relative link you ask for.

  • fred

    fred - 2011-07-15

    relative links do not work if your mindmap & linked files are on the server, so also by removing "file:////[servername" and leaving the filename does not solve the problem;
    on the other hand, using Freeplane with the same mindmap it's all ok also on the server, so thank you Michael!



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