Michael Ionescu - 2012-10-03

I would like to use a certain map as a collection box for any thoughts that otherwise distract me from what I'm working on. So I need to be able to jump to that map instantly (using a hotkey) regardless of whether
- I'm in a different application
- I'm in a different map
- the map has or has not been opened already

Is there a way to interface with a running FM-instance, giving it a path to a map-file in order to make it open (if not already open) and select a tab with that map?
I'm thinking of a "hotkey -> path -> terminator" sequence that one could enter without having to wait for pop-ups and entry fields and all that.
This might simply be an additional interfact to the function already existing under ->, as that does just that - either select an open tab or open one if necessary.

The hotkey might be configurable, the path syntax will probably also be OS dependent, and there will be need for an <ESC> to abort. An indicator in the status bar, that the sequence has been initiated, might be prudent.

I'm currently experimenting with AutoHotKey under XP and the plan is to use a system-wide hotkey to initiate a AutoHotKey script which will check for an open FM window, bring it forward and send it the sequence described above or else start FM with the required map.

If some other mechanism exists already for jumping to a map from anywhere (without opening a superfluous FM instance), please point me to it.


PS: I think the author of this post https://sourceforge.net/projects/freemind/forums/forum/22101/topic/3943940 might be looking for a similar solution, but he had not gotten any replies. I'm hoping for more… :-)