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D Kroft
  • D Kroft

    D Kroft - 2004-10-22

    how are users "closing out" issues while still keeping a record of things accomplished?

    my maps are beginning to get very cluttered.
    i've been folding items up, setting icons to show closure,
    making text items smaller, greying them out, etc.

    i haven't really found a satisfactory way of keeping my history together, while still staying organized.

    what have you tried? what works well? what doesn't work so well?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      From: Rich

      I'm using FM to keep track of the development of additional features for a project. As each feature is done, I mark it with a check mark. When I finish bench-testing it, it the check mark gets changed to a paper clip. When it passes pre-alpha, the check mark becomes a smiley face and gets collapsed.

      I use a different program for tracking bug reports, but the way I do it there is applicable to FM: There are
      "Open", "Working On", "Done", and "Deferred" nodes. Each bug report has its own node, with sub-nodes of "Description" (which includes date received & date fixed), and "Notes" in which I keep track of my efforts. The bug report nodes travel from "Open" to "working On" to "Done". "Deferred" is for when marketing decides we can live with this bug for now: that is, the chances of a customer duplicating it are extremely slim, or it snuck by QA in a previous release, and no-one's complained about it.


    • Newstech

      Newstech - 2004-10-27

      I just create a "Done" branch, and drag things there when they're completed. I find that after a while, items can become ancient history and can be deleted.


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