gnaffetto - 2011-03-09

i'm using this good software and i've a wish: it's possible export map (in flash, java or normal) with the options that save all the images linked in the map in a predefined folder, with predefined name and change the references to it in the file .mm?
for example , if a node display an image with link to internet (www.upload.wikipedia.en/thumb/12/2/tree.png) and  another display a image with a link to a local file (c:/images/fruit.png) when i export the map in a new folder, the images will be copied to a predefined folder (/images ?) and the links changes in the like this: ./images/tree.png and ./images/fruit.png (or 001.png and 002.png and so on) so i can distribute my works with all the images.
it's possible? it's useful (for me yes)? it's difficult?
thank in advance.

this wish because i use freemind with mediawiki and sometime i need to export a single map with all your images: