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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am enjoying playing with the app but have a question. Can I link to multiple file types and have them open in appropriate app? Exmple. I am writing a document in oOowriter and referenncing web stuff that I look at in firefox. So, I make links to web and they work fine, but I can't get links to ooowriter to open writer, instead it opens firefox. I saw in that you could specify different apps for different file extensions, but it doesn't seem to work (i.e. default:firefox,sxw:swriter,txt:kate etc)

    Any insight?


    • Eric L.

      Eric L. - 2005-02-26


      your best guess is probably to set konqueror (or the corresponding file manager of your desktop) in ~/[.]freemind/ in the line:
      default_browser_command_other_os = konqueror {0}
      (don't forget to uncomment).

      This has the drawback of creating a konqueror window for each click. I'm working on something better, have patience, packaging version 0.8.0 is not easy...



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