Export to Simple Text

  • Glenn

    Glenn - 2011-11-18

    Is there anyway to export a Freemind map to a simple, tabbed, text file ?  All I want is something like this:

        Child 1
        Child 2
             Grandchild 21

  • Christian Stadler

    Ever heard of Style-Sheets?
    Install Open Office or Libre Office, if you don't have it already. Then export your map as an Open-Office-Writer-Document. Your map will be arranged with different style stheets. Open  the „Style Sheets“-Menu in Writer (F 11)  and look at the Style stheets with the paragraph mark. Then right-klick on your Open-Office-Writer-text, and look there for „ arranging Stylesheets“ (I don't know  the exact English expression – I am German). Every knode-hierarchy in freemind corresponds to a different style sheet (heading 1, heading 2, Standard etc.) , which you can configure as you want.  If you normally work with Word, this is no problem. The Writer-Text can be saved also as a Word-file.



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